Since I began at NYU Film School in 2011, I have written and directed three short films and acted as the director of photography on over forty narrative, documentary, and commercial pieces at both the student and professional level. 

Regardless of budget, the most important aspect of a project for me is its story. I grew up with the smart, well-crafted, well-written films  of the 90s - Swingers, Jerry Maguire, and Good WIll Hunting, to name a few of my favorites - that were all driven by compelling stories and seen from the perspective of memorable and dynamic characters. And in a way, these films have informed who I am as both a filmmaker and a person. So if nothing else, I hope to create and contribute to projects that are relatable and accessible, and maybe - just maybe - they'll help you feel something as well. 

I'm from New York City originally, and while I continue to live and work here (and enjoy doing so) in the years after graduating from film school ... I haven't ruled out the West Coast just yet.